June 26th, 2024

Being yourself

 I tried and failed a few times at starting a “blog” / website. Though I could probably point to a few reasons why those projects never took off, I think the root cause was ultimately me writing for someone else, rather than just for myself.  - Mike Sass via shellsharks.com

I totally agree with Mike Sass' thoughts on blogging. I've had several blogs in the past and always ended up abandoning them for lack of motivation.

I was blogging for other people, not for myself.

Now I post more personal stuff than in the past (quotes, links, services I like, interesting new technology and so on...).

That's why my blogging streak has never been that long. 😎

As of Today, I don't just have one blog, I have two blogs!

The first is prealpinux.com, a blog I write in Italian, and the second (the most recent) is this one.