May 7th, 2024

Why you should start blogging in 2024

 👨‍💻 The golden age of blogging passed many years ago. But there are still plenty of reasons to start a blog Today.

  1. It's easier than ever, just choose the right platform (Write.as, Pika.page, Micro.blog, Bearblog.dev, Mataroa.blog and Scribble.page can be a good place to start).

  2. It's fun if you like writing down your thoughts and sharing them with others.

  3. Your blog is your kingdom, no algorithm or big tech can tell you what to do with your personal space on the web.

  4. Blogs are here to stay. No timeline, no rush. Your blog will last for years and people can easily find your old blog posts.

  5. You are free to talk about your working day or your last trip to Japan. Choose a specific topic or keep changing it.

  6. Enjoy your personal blogging and do not go crazy following all those marketing gurus telling you what to do with your blog. 

Ready to start your blogging journey?