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Why you can blog semi-anonymously

Having your "www.fullname.com" blog should normally be the first choice for your professional / company blog. But you can also think about opening a semi-anonimous blog where to post thoughts and ideas that you don't want to be directly related to yourself. A place where you can feel to be more free than your official blog. A place where you can post what you want when you want. A place that's completely yours. Disclaimer: please remember that opening a semi-anonimous blog does not mean you are fully anonimous. So please respect the laws and the others.

How to follow a Mastodon user with RSS

Following social networks is not easy, sometimes there is a lot of 'background noise' in timelines that leads to distraction and that you would like to avoid. Using an RSS feed reader can be a good choice, but how do you follow a Mastodon user? It is very simple! The URL of the feed is: [instance address]/users/[username].rss or .atom So, for example, if you add the following address to your feed reader: https://mastodon.social/users/gargron.rss You will get all the Gargron user toots on the mastodon.social instance.

Using AI for blogging is alienating

Recently I've tried to give to Gemini and Copilot some blog post prompts in order to evaluate the result. Unsurprisingly I found the resulting texts to be correct but completely lacking of human touch. A sort of copy and paste from several resources. Yes, you can ask in the prompt to be more or less polite, but the final writings seemed to me quite clumpsy. Since English is not my mother tongue I've found them useful for checking grammar or words, but nothing more. AI can probably be useful for "official / corporate blogs", but please stay away from them...

What defines online communities?

🕵️‍♂️ I've been online for more than 25 years, so I have participated in various types of digital communities, such as mailing lists, newsgroups, forums, Telegram/WhatsApp groups, and so on. After thinking about it for a while, I realised that all these communities could be defined by some common characteristics: 1. People: it's not hard to guess that a group of tech enthusiasts is different from a group of graphic designers. 2. Time: participating in a forum at the end of the 90's was different than Today. For example, users back then were so proud of their anonymity, whereas now...

One blog, one language

💡 My main blog has been hosted on Micro.blog for about a year now. I'm quite happy with it and I really like posting updates in my native language (Italian). Only my old articles on that blog were written in English. As a citizen of the world, however, I've created this blog in English to share my thoughts with a wider range of people and at the same time I'm trying to get out of my filter bubble. I don't know if this is the right way to go, but for now I think it's the best choice so far.

Just get the words down

I totally agree with Notes from the Underground: “My advice? Write whenever you can. Don’t worry about the word count. Just get the words down. Even if it’s only sentences here and there, you’ll be surprised at how influential those few sentences can be on your writing habits. ” The best way I've found to write on my blog is to jot something down when I can, putting my thoughts together without judging how much (or how well) I've written. May the flow of writing be with you! 😉

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